Summer job at Allianz Cinema?

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Do you want to apply for a holiday job at Allianz Cinema?

Every year between April and August we recruit new staff for our Events in Zürich and Basel. You can apply for any of the following divisions:

- Mantling and Dismantling

- On site crew (operation)

- Gastronomy

On our application form please also state which location you would like to work at. Please don't forget to upload a profile picture, a CV and a small résumé.

Application form

ATTENTION: Applications will only be dealt with between April and July. During this time you will be contacted within two weeks. Applications received outside this time period will only be addressed in the next season. Thank you for understanding.


You're an old stager?

Login to StaffCloud and update your profile, accept job offers, etc.

Login: [your e-Mail address]

Password: [can be reset on login page]

StaffCloud Login


If you have any troubles with StaffCloud check here for answers and solutions.

Q: What is StaffCloud?

A: StaffCloud is an online Tool for the planning of events. We have been using EventCommander since 2015 for the disposition of personnel of our events.

Q: I forgot my password, what now?

A: You can reset your password on the login page.

Q: I can not log into my account, what is wrong?

A: Accounts will be deactivated automatically after two years without a login. Send us an email and we will activate it again

Q: I have more than one email address, which one do I login with?

A: Send us an email and we'll tell you.

Q: I worked for Cinerent some years back, do I have an account?

A: Yes, all former employees have an account but it might be deactivated. Send us an email and we'll activate it again.

Q: How and when do I get my pay slip and my wage statement?

A: Your monthly pay slip and the yearly wage statement will be sent to your email address.

Q: Where can I check my working hours?

A: In your account you can check your working hours by clicking on "My Assignments" and then "Past Assignments"

ATTENTION: The sallary calculated by StaffCloud is just an approximation. The exact calculation will be shown on your monthly pay slip.

Your question was not answered? Do you have any other inquiries or feedback? Please send us an email and we'll help you out.